Distinctive Rockers

Immortality in wood...

Creating custom, exotic-hardwood office chairs, rocking chairs and other unique gifts for discerning clients using the world's most interesting woods. Contact us with questions or to create your heirloom, today.


Maternity projects are generally placed at the front of the calendar. 


Keep looking and get rocking!

Selecting the wood for your heirloom can be an imposing prospect, considering the number of choices. There are a few easy ways to narrow it down: Color, character, or creating a piece to fit a particular room or setting.

There are a number of woods I favor for their extreme character, density and ability to hold a finish but I can use just about any of the hardwoods for your unique chair. We'll find the exotic that will work best for you.

Each piece is then carefully hand-selected for color, character and most importantly symmetry. A great deal of time is spent blending the natural flow of the wood with the smooth lines of the chair.